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Time to grow

And so it was that Elmbridge Ladies Choir was formed in April 2009. Initially made up entirely from ladies from the mixed choir’s waiting list, the ladies choir very rapidly grew in strength and numbers and soon became a sought-after choir in its own right as firm friendships were formed and a strong three-part harmony established. With the choir up and running and performing together well in a relatively short space of time, Cliff was able to hand over the reins to Ramon Davis, who, as a teacher of music, brought with him expertise and experience in musical leadership. When Ramon moved on after a year, it was ladies choir member Dale Thomas who bravely stepped into the musical director’s shoes. Dale led the choir for six successful years, directing and developing the choir, and giving them the confidence to perform without music. Dale returned to her home town of Houston, Texas, in July 2017, and Christine Parker, another singing member of Elmbridge Ladies Choir, was invited to lead the choir.

Elmbridge Choir and Elmbridge Ladies Choir have performed concerts both independently and together, and have taken part in other European choral festivals. In Krakow in 2011 they were delighted to win a bronze diploma for their performance in the competition, and in the Veneto Canta Festival in Italy in 2013 the highlight of the trip was singing together with some 50 other choirs in St Mark’s Square in Venice.In December 2014 the choirs travelled to Bratislava where the ladies choir received a bronze award, while the mixed-voice choir received a silver! In 2016 the choirs enjoyed a non-competitive international choral festival in Croatia, and in November 2017 a party of 195 travelled to take part in the Malta International Choir Festival.


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