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New shoots

With the ladies choir settled and with their first concert under their belts, the big band formed and successfully up and running, Cliff became aware of a recently formed local youth band, enticingly called Elmbridge Young Musicians. EYM's principles of providing a musical opportunity for young people in Elmbridge to play together was entirely in harmony with those of the society and so, after discussion with EYM's founders and leaders, Lewis McGuiness and John Starling (both members of Elmbridge Big Band), it was agreed to integrate Elmbridge Young Musicians into Elmbridge Community Society, much to the delight of the choir and big band members.

The addition of EYM meant that Elmbridge Community Music Society was truly diverse and representative. Christmas 2009 saw the first performance of the four groups of the Society on the same stage at a sell-out concert in Leatherhead Theatre. An immensely proud and uplifting experience for all involved. The four sections of the society also recorded a CD together, performed joint concerts at Christmas, and presented a spectacular concert, ‘Sing It! Swing It!’,  in Woking’s New Victoria Theatre:


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