After the Molesey Regatta Concert

StellaAfter the Elmbridge Ladies' Choir Concert - Molesey Regatta - Sunday 18th July 2010

The first thought on day of the concert would the weather hold - well yes it looked OK hopefully no painful memories of last year when the tent flapping in the wind nearly drowned us out. Very aware this second year that more is expected of us as we are now larger in number and hopefully more experienced having half a dozen concerts under our belt and a larger repertoire to offer....

Still feeling a bit apprehensive made our way to the regatta site - congregated in the tent sorting out scarves and having drinks and pineapple pieces, not so many people in the audience but the final races of the regatta are still happening.

Finally able to make our way outside to get cooler and to check on whether friends have arrived. Fortunately they have all turned up and are nibbling and downing wine - a quick glass should relax me.

Well finally called back into the tent - pep talk from Ramon and warming up exercises then off we go to our music "here come the girls" (I wish). Sorting ourselves out on the stage, happily Cliff is there sorting out the sound system and off we go 'Da Doo Ron Ron' nice and bright and easy to sing as we have done it quite often.

' Proud Mary '- difficult one this is but Ramon seems happy. ' Dream a Little Dream '- why is it the quiet ones are more difficult. ' Nella Fantasia '- my personal nightmare much admiration for Jenny doing the initial solo. This is followed by another quiet one - 'And so it Goes' I feel better now about this song since we had the extra tuition session with Dale, Ramon pulling faces at us to make us laugh and relax.

'Beauty School Drop Out' what a cop out that we had to change the words - still mustn't shock the audience, 'Fever' my favourite and then 'My Guy' another one we are more confident with and thank goodness we have survived to the interval.

Jennie Reader doing another classical solo after the interval which we could hear as we were lined up outside - seems to be received well.

Much happier with the second half as it consisted of songs we have done before and can belt out - 'Girls gone Abba' the audience knew most of this one and the next 'My Favourite Things' Now 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' we don't need the music or words for this and it feels much better with Ramon miming all the words and still making faces.

'Fields of gold' Ramon's favourite and we all try really hard to please him followed by 'The Rose' blissfully short, 'All through the Night' always sounds so beautiful without heavy backing music and one they all know. Finally 'Its raining Men and a rousing '60's chicks' which should be a sing along for the audience.

Yes they wanted an encore so we did 'My Guy' again and what euphoria its over and the audience are clapping and everyone laughing - Ramon and Cliff beaming at us so we haven't let them down and it seems to have been a success - hope we raised a goodly sum for Homestart we have had a great time and go home exhausted on a high for the rest of the night unable to sleep with those pesky songs going around and around in my head.

Here's to the next time!



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