After "Till The Rivers Cease To Flow"

Friday & Saturday 4 & 5 June 2010 Cleves School, Weybridge ‘Till The Rivers Cease To Flow'

(The show was a muscial drama, specially written for Elmbridge Choir)

Jilly tries her hand at rap....

Creative Communities, 2 year project, Farnham Maltings, Tandridge Leisure, Surrey Arts Partnership, Arts Council funded, articulate, explore where we live
Cliff van Tonder Elmbridge Music, Maggs Latter Elmbridge Council, Richard Conlon Writer, Roshi Nasehi Lisa Woods Sarah Fisher Music

So Surrey 22 what ever did they do? Volunteers for acting parts - you, you and you!
Elmbridge residents real life memories, moments of recall, Uplifting songs, audience smiles, tapping their toes,

Night Watch explores events under our noses, unwell Grace wanders by the river, younger vision Graces, Skimming Stones, dangling toes
Cleaner, Bin Man, thoughts put the world to right, Twitcher admires birds' independent Flight

Frank finds his Gracie gone, contacts daughters, panic's on
Grace unaware thinks of her father, relationship, land, water man and wife
More voices from the Borough, reflections of their lives, Brooklands man admiring Curves and their lines

Grace finds house she owned one day, make a cuppa love I've found a stray Act One concludes, we've no kettle, but wine flows on, mature and majestic, onward it flows, ,onward it flows, onward the audience goes

Interval drinks, volunteers to serve, donated wine, rare English weather, Hot and sunny, drinks outside,
Resume Part 2, Romantic recollections, Cinema Girl, Allotment Woman Sowing Seeds, Grace Under Pressure searching for her mind, days of courting is what she finds
Frank tracks her down, talks her to safety, every word a song, every step a dance, the 40 Year Waltz
Grace safe at home, memories swirling, tries to make sense, jumble of thoughts, Concorde, Whitely, Painshill, Mercedes Benz, Til the Rivers Cease to Flow

Night watch concludes the daily drama, sparkling moments, Elmbridge Patchwork, everyday lives, the people the faces, the places connected, Til the Rivers Cease to Flow
Technical hitches, Sh sh sh whats that noise? Visuals, no visuals, video crashes, sleepless nights, forgotten lines, where's the boat gone?, caused a laugh - not many of them!

Toilet problems, paperless, flushless, lockless. Dress rehearsal with audience, no dress, no audience, audience of 45, more like 25.
Torches go on torches go off, Hats go on, the butcher, the baker, the scented candlemaker, encores, announcements, presentations, project overspent, hats come off , appeal, please, collect those donations

We all had a voice a place in the choir, the writer, musician and choirmaster, all of us on board along for the ri-ide, Til the Rivers Cease to Flow, Til the Rivers Cease to Flow

Cast (order of appearance): Night Watch - Keith Timson, Frank - Michael Grinter, Grace - Loretta Howells, Adult Grace - Catherine Scott, Young Grace - Holly Chicken, Cleaner - Helen Bertuzzi, Bin Man - Norman Dampney, Twitcher - Eileen Chamberlain, Daughter 1 - Linda Pope, Daughter 2 - Sue Scott, Brookklands Man - Derek Holmes, Flood Woman - Brigid Whitman, Dad - Colin Hanner, House Owner - Freda Collins, Cinema Girl - June Byrne, Allotment Woman - Sara Cushing, Young Frank - Bob Lyddon, News Presenter - Kate Chicken, Rapper 1 - Jill Laikin, Rapper 2 - Margaret Grinter, Rapper 3 - Howard Sprinkett, Soloist - Jocelyn Ngare
Chorus Speakers: Carol Day, Rosemary Allen, Janis Wrobel, Tessa Goddard, Paula O'Kane, Cheryl Ekbkad, Alison Henry, Carol Dodd, Dorothea Cave, Jocelyn Ngare, Gill Fellows, John Whitnall, Pauline Wood

Ensemble: Keyboard - Sarah Fisher, Saxophone - Georgi Bartlett
Crew: Sound - Rob Ellmore, Visuals - Brendon Perold, Stage Hand - Kathy Hughes

Songs: Lyrics by Richard Conlon, Composed by Sarah Fisher and Roshi Nasehi, Arranged by Sarah Fisher, Lisa Woods, Cliff van Tonder: Skimming Stones, Flight, Nothing Without You, Curves, River Song, Sowing Seeds, Grace Under Pressure, Forty Year Waltz, Til The Rivers Cease To Flow, Elmbridge Patchwork



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