2012 - "Light The Flame"

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JillyDue to overwhelming popular demand, Jilly’s Jottings are back with a review of what has happened since my last jotting on 17 January 2012 – well, actually, Cliff twisted my arm and gave me a hug so how could I possibly refuse!

First of all our long awaited ‘Sing It Swing It’ CD was released – I am a bit out of touch but I haven’t heard that it has quite reached Number One in the Charts yet!

Then Twinings invited us to the Woodlands Park Hotel for a fun afternoon of life coaching and relaxation and a sumptuous high tea - but definitely no singing!

The feeling of love being all around on Valentine’s Day, which fell on a Tuesday, was somewhat put to question by Cliff daring to suggest that our rehearsal should be cancelled in favour of a romantic evening to be spent with our loved ones but many of our members knew where their priorities lay and the rehearsal went ahead as usual with, admittedly, some absentees!

The fame of Elmbridge Choir has obviously spread and not only had Twinings heard of us but also T-Mobile!   In April we were invited to send twenty ladies to mime (note – not sing!) and appear as ‘walk-ons’ in a T-Mobile commercial at Buckingham Palace – well, actually, a mock-up of Buckingham Palace at Shepperton Studios!   They rubbed shoulders(!) with streakers(!), jockeys and famous celebrities such as Sooty and Sweep, Louie Spence, David Dickinson and Harry Hill who, in view of the fact that it was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, talked, in an elaborate way, about giving Britain what Britain loves - £10 a month top up and unlimited free texts!   Not only was it a fun and exhausting experience but they were fed, watered and paid as well as a welcome donation being given to our Music Grants Scheme.   The viewing figures of commercial TV over the following weeks must have been considerably boosted by the rest of us switching on and hoping to see the 10 second glimpse resulting from the three long days of filming!

Here is the final result of the advert:



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