A selection of jottings from our original poet-in-residence, Jill Laikin and our Ladies Choir orator, Stella Bowman, as well as Michael Grinter and other members who have taken the time to write them down.

Jill Laikin joined Elmbridge Choir on its inception night in September 2005 and since then has been entertaining our members with her unique brand of writing after every concert and event that we perform at or stage.  Jilly tends to use words from our songs to write a review of the particular event so it may be that at first you won't understand the jottings, but if you take a careful look at the songs performed, and think about the lyrics of those songs, it will suddenly make sense.

Stella joined Elmbridge Ladies Choir at inception in March 2009 and quickly made her mark in the choir. Stella has written several reviews and we hope to hear much more from her in future!

Michael Grinter is a celebrated actor, singer and radio presenter. He joined Elmbridge Choir in 2006 as a tenor and seven years on he is a highly regarded member of the choir.  Michael writes articles for newspapers and national magazines from time to time and his writing style is factual, but witty and informative.

Jilly's After "Cobham at Christmas"

Friday 26 November 2010 18:30 - 19:00 Switching on of Christmas Lights in Cobham High Street

In 2008 Cobham was dark - there were no Christmas lights nor festivities in the streets of Cobham so Cliff decided to bring some Christmas cheer in the form of Elmbridge Choir singing some Christmassy music at the Farmers' Market and Holly Hedge. It must have had the desired effect as in 2009 we were pleased to see the Christmas lights twinkling in the High Street and we were invited to sing again. And now, in 2010, they can't do without us - we were invited to bring some more Christmas cheer at the switching on of this year's Christmas lights.....

After the TESCO concert - 20 Feb 2010

Jilly's Jottings

Claygate Village Hall - Saturday 20 February 2010, 7.30 p.m. - Charity – Tesco Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

Elmbridge Ladies Choir first half - Elmbridge Choir second half

This was the third time that the Mixed Choir had sung at Claygate Village Hall, having given 2 performances on 9 December 2006 and another 2 on 15 December 2007.  At all these performances we had queues of people clamouring and saying Let Me Be There.   So what went wrong this time – 2 big choirs, only one performance, no queues and no sell-out!  

After 'Cobham Farmers' Market' Dec 2009

Jilly's JottingsAfter the "Christmas at Cobham's Farmers' Market" performance at the Leg o' Mutton Field, Cobham (19 December 2009 10.30am)

It seemed that no sooner had I gone to bed after returning home from the Cabaret Party the night before, it was time to get up again and prepare for ‘Christmas at Cobham's Farmers' Market'!