A selection of jottings from our original poet-in-residence, Jill Laikin and our Ladies Choir orator, Stella Bowman, as well as Michael Grinter and other members who have taken the time to write them down.

Jill Laikin joined Elmbridge Choir on its inception night in September 2005 and since then has been entertaining our members with her unique brand of writing after every concert and event that we perform at or stage.  Jilly tends to use words from our songs to write a review of the particular event so it may be that at first you won't understand the jottings, but if you take a careful look at the songs performed, and think about the lyrics of those songs, it will suddenly make sense.

Stella joined Elmbridge Ladies Choir at inception in March 2009 and quickly made her mark in the choir. Stella has written several reviews and we hope to hear much more from her in future!

Michael Grinter is a celebrated actor, singer and radio presenter. He joined Elmbridge Choir in 2006 as a tenor and seven years on he is a highly regarded member of the choir.  Michael writes articles for newspapers and national magazines from time to time and his writing style is factual, but witty and informative.

Jilly's After our "Festive Treats" Christmas Concert

Saturday 11 December 2010 - 7.30 pm - Festive Treats Concert Leatherhead Theatre

Festive Treats was what the audience was promised and festive treats is what they got! Not only were there delicious cupcakes in the interval but also a positive feast of festive music. There were many excuses people could have given for not turning up at Leatherhead Theatre including TV temptations like Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor semi finals and the weather. Had the concert been a week earlier we might have all needed to take a sleigh ride to get there. However, such is the loyalty of our audience, it was a full house of 510 people and the choir and bands were up to full strength...

After the Molesey Regatta Concert

StellaAfter the Elmbridge Ladies' Choir Concert - Molesey Regatta - Sunday 18th July 2010

The first thought on day of the concert would the weather hold - well yes it looked OK hopefully no painful memories of last year when the tent flapping in the wind nearly drowned us out. Very aware this second year that more is expected of us as we are now larger in number and hopefully more experienced having half a dozen concerts under our belt and a larger repertoire to offer....

After the Hospices Concert

Saturday 17 April 2010 7.30 pm - Cleves School, Weybridge Charity - Woking and Sam Beare Hospices

Elmbridge Mixed Choir and Elmbridge Big Band

Everything having been efficiently set during the afternoon by Cliff and his helpers, we had more time than usual to get our positions right and run through at least part of most of our numbers. All the tickets had been sold well in advance and the full capacity audience were in for a treat!

After "Till The Rivers Cease To Flow"

Friday & Saturday 4 & 5 June 2010 Cleves School, Weybridge ‘Till The Rivers Cease To Flow'

(The show was a muscial drama, specially written for Elmbridge Choir)

Jilly tries her hand at rap....

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So Surrey 22 what ever did they do? Volunteers for acting parts - you, you and you!
Elmbridge residents real life memories, moments of recall, Uplifting songs, audience smiles, tapping their toes,

After "Celebrate Surrey" Festival

Sunday 27 June 2010 3.45 pm Celebrating Surrey Festival, Loseley Park, Guildford

Abridged Version of ‘Till The Rivers Cease To Flow' specially written for Elmbridge Mixed Choir

The positives - it was not cold and it was not raining!

So that is what a festival is like - barriers, booths, check-ins, ID wrist bands, portaloos (so no need for peeing on the compost!) and lots going on simultaneously! In all my ...