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Elmbridge Music Festival - 2010

mt_lightboxYou know what it's like...you come onto the website to find something, have a look around and end up thinking 'It's been a while since I've updated and blogged!'

The Elmbridge Music Festival last week was a fantastic experience for me, getting to work with both EYM and the Big Band as well as take the Ladies Choir out onto the stage...a busy day! ....

Firstly, EYM were on stage at midday and the stage setup was one that required huge teamwork from everyone concerned. Ten minutes, 25 chairs and stands and a piano soundcheck later, we were all ready to start. The band were brilliant and they received a warm reception from the audience.

After a few hours break the Ladies Choir went on stage to very bright sunshine. The setup of the stage meant that I had to conduct on a box (well, there's a first time for everything!) who performed six songs. A massive congratulations to my new Assistant Musical Director Dale Thomas, who gave her conducting debut with the premiere performance of 'Nella Fantasia'.

After a gulp of water, the stage was set for the Elmbridge Big Band for some great tunes. Georgi and the band were in fine form and the audience loved them. I never realised just how fast those piano parts were, but it was great fun playing with the Big Band for the first time!

After a long day on stage it was time for Georgi and I to do a joint interview for Radio Wey...great publicity for the society as a whole. The whole day really encaptured why Elmbridge is such a wonderful place to live, so a massive thank you to everyone from across the society who gave up their time to make it such a brilliant occasion!

Having now done the Elmbridge Music Festival I now look forward to perhaps one of the biggest concerts for the Ladies Choir...the Summer Concert at the Molesey Regatta. It has significant importance as this was the Ladies' first concert since forming last year and similarly, it was my first debut as their (then!) Assistant Musical Director. Now a year on the choir has grown substantially and I hope that every single Ladies Choir member is up for the challenge on July 18th. So with 4 weeks to go there's also a little more expectation and picking the right songs is going to be really important for this one...{multithumb}

Perhaps I'll give Fabio Capello a ring and see how he does it

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