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After our concert in Painshill Park Cobham on 5 September 200

Jilly's JottingsAfter a few technical hitches, the '60s Chicks' in the Ladies Choir set the ball rolling and we were going to make sure that the audience and wild life at Painshill Park 'wouldn't sleep tonight'!

The problems of performing in the open air are obviously many and Cliff and his team had been working from 'Nine to Five' to achieve as perfect an evening's entertainment as possible, but they had no control over the weather!

'Oh what a beautiful morning' it had been (no, we didn't sing that this time!) but by the time 5 o'clock came it was cloudy, windy and cold but at least it was not 'Two Too Wet' and, in fact, the only 'raining' we had was produced by the Ladies Choir - 'men'!

Just coming into our 4th year and, judging by the hundreds of people 'sitting on their blankets with their babies' in front of the Gothic Temple, it seems that we have quite a following - 'wherever we go they always want to be there - we are the ones that they want - hoo, hoo, hoo'!

I wonder if there were any 'phantoms' in the Gothic Temple? But I guess everybody had to 'turn their thoughts away from the cold. unfeeling light and listen to the music of the night'!

After the interval the Ladies Choir 'Rocked the Fifties' so, and to follow the theme, the Mixed Choir had to 'Raise Themselves Up' and do the 'Sixties with a Twist'. We performed 3 African songs including a A Prayer for Africa. 'We sang them and danced them' with vigour but I think we would have been better off singing A Prayer for African Weather!

One of the soloists sang that - she 'wann'ed to call the stars down from the sky' - her prayer was immediately answered as darkness began to fall and Cliff made an executive decision to cut the Capella. The Ladies Choir was hastily assembled and 'Rose' up on to the staging for the ladies of the combined choirs singing - 'The Rose' - followed by us all 'making a big noise singing in the park' and rocking and clapping in a Tribute to Queen.

The audience applauded loudly and I think that we can justifiably pat ourselves on the back and declare that 'We Are The Champions'.

The concert ended - 'we had done our best, it wasnt much' - our hands were so cold 'we couldn't feel when we tried to touch' - now 'we'd just got to get out, just got to get right out a here'. We made the long walk to the car park 'in the lamp light' and decidely autumnal feel as 'the withered leaves collected at our feet and the wind began to moan'. 'All my bags were packed I was ready to go - I was standing there' - by the car whilst my husband fumbled for the keys. I said 'Get your motor runnin, head out on the highway and go downtown the lights are much brighter there'! 

I was proud to be part of a thoroughly enjoyable evening at Painshill Park and would like to do it again some time but 'I dont know when I'll be back again' - 'doo be doo be dop bop'!



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