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Recently 132 members and friends of the choir went on a 4-day trip to Prague, where we particpated in the Prague International Advent Festival.

Read all about the few days we spent there are seen through the eyes of one of our long-standing members, June Byrne. This was the first overseas trip for the choir and took place in December 2008.

"Elmbridge Choir - A Short break in Prague" -
December 4th – December 7th 2009

Back in May 2008 at our usual Tuesday night choir rehearsal night Cliff, our Musical Director, said he had an announcement to make.  He then proceeded to tell the Choir that we had been invited to sing in the Prague Advent Choral Festival in December and would we be interested – wow!!!!!   A buzz went up around the room, was he serious? What did it entail? When? Would it clash with any holidays already booked??   Cliff, after the chatter had subsided, which I have to say took a few minutes, went on to explain that the festival is open to choral groups of any size and of all kinds from all over the world and for us to go away and think about it.     I don’t think many of us needed to think too hard – what an opportunity, to sing in the Old Town Square in Prague alongside local and international choirs, as well performing to visitors of all nationalities, visiting the beautiful Christmas Markets and to see this fabulous city all dressed up for Christmas.    Well, there wasn’t any doubt at all that we were all enthusiastic, keen to take part and go

Next there was the organisation - flights to arrange, accommodation, a ‘payment schedule’ and ‘what should we wear’!   Cliff, together with his band of helpers, did a fantastic job – itineraries were drawn up and lists of those choir members who wanted to attend together with friends and family.   Deposits duly paid and then it began to become a reality – we were really going.   The buzz at the choir meetings – how cold would it be? We were going to be singing in the Town Square, possibly snowing! but certainly chilly. Should we take thermal underwear? How should we wear our lovely new red scarves with Elmbridge Choir emblazoned on them (inside or outside coats, tied or casually thrown over our shoulders?!) oh so many questions, poor Cliff must have gone home after choir rehearsals with a headache.   Then, the rehearsals - what songs should we be singing to spectators from all over the world?  As well as other choirs from Austria, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Romania and Finland there was the Cambridge University Choir from England.


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