After the Rose Theatre concert

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After The Rose Theatre Kingston on Thames on 22 February 2009

Jilly's JottingsOn Sunday morning - oh what a beautiful morning! - I said to my husband start the car I know a whoopee spot in Kingston where the air is cold but the music's hot.

For a change it wasnt too too wet nor was winter snow falling nor were winter winds blowing - it was winter bright and filled with summer greens - in fact, it might as well be spring but I know it isnt spring because I havent seen a crocus or a rosebud or a robin on the wing - and in the spring, the seed becomes the Rose - which is where we arrived to give our concert!

We went up up up to the dressing rooms where we slicked our hair and wore our buckle shoes, rouged our knees and rolled our stockings up. There was some discussion as to whether we had had enough rehearsal and would we be good enough but Cliff said I have confidence in you and this is our quest to reach the unreachable, reach the unreachable notes, even if a little high or a little low - and nothing really matters, nothing really matters except to do our best, have fun and raise lots of money for charity.

So with old man rhythm in our shoes we made our way down the long long stairs with many a winding turn that led us bom bom bom to the stage where earlier Cliff had said to Steve and the team - I need you more than anyone to build me up some staging, but dont break your backs!

Soon the lights dimmed and there was expectation all around as our glittering Cliff was marching on. The concert began and the music was fine like sparkling wine, we were having fun and we could have carried on till the night was gone. We did our best it wasnt much and even though it all went wrong - in Bohemian Rhapsody - we looked at Cliff and saw the look that was in his eyes that when everything is going wrong dont worry it wont last for long and he stopped the music and said - let's start at the very beginning - it goes like this the 4th the 5th - it went right - very good, glory glory halleluia. All went well after that.

Let's hope everyone's heart was filled with gladness of love for the Elmbridge Choir. I think it was as no-one shouted boo and the audience applauded loudly. Cliff said - that is the end of the concert - let us go - and they shouted no, no, no, no,no! But he said goodbye everybody we've got to go and leave you all behind and get back to the real life but not to worry - our hearts would be blessed with the sound of music and we'll sing once more - in Ashtead in March!

He gave a little speech and said how much we in the choir had been learning from each other's knowing and looking to see how much we've grown. But we know that the only one who could ever reach us - the only one who could ever teach us - is Cliff - e-yeah yeah yeah e-yeah yeah yeah e-yeah yeah - yes he is!



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