Our Prague outing - December 08

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After our Prague trip 4-7 December 2008

Jilly's JottingsBhrmm, bhrmm, bhrmm, bhrmm - in the Bleak Midwinter - 4th of Desemba to be precise - frosty winds made moan but we braved the elements and boarded our BA flight to Prague.

It was a bumpy take off due to those wild wild winds but once above the clouds we relaxed and arrived safely in the quiet and magical city of Prague with its twinkling lights, trees and tempting market stalls - it certainly was Everywhere Christmas that day.

Our tour guide took us to Old Town Square where she said Do You Hear What I Hear? It was the chimes of the Astronomical Clock ring, ring, ringing out the good news and saying have you heard about that Elmbridge Choir.

Then there were more sounds - jinglin' janglin' jinglin' jinglin' jing jang - of the one horsey full open carriages taking sightseers round the town (laughing all the way due to the plentiful hot mulled wine!) but bringing them back just in time to hear 11 choirs spreading cheer throughout the town singing their various la la la la's and their oo-oo-oo-oo's.

We waited anxiously for our 25 minutes of glory - did we know where we were standing, did we know what we were singing, had we remembered the music? Said Cliff to the people in the choir "Listen to what I say, pray you hit the rights notes everywhere and sing, sing, sing - fill up the Square with song!"

At last it was our turn! Glorious now Elmbridge Choir arose and - al - le - lu - y - a, al - le - lu - y - a - before we knew it, our dulcet tones were like an angel's song echoing in the Square spreading good news to the people everywhere - joy to the crowd (and us!). And, judging by the cheers and applause, we felt that we had come shining through and filled them with delight.

Oh what fun it was to go to Prague with the now internationally famous Elmbridge Choir - and it's all due to Cliff - Cliff, our saviour, did w - ell, Cli - iff, our saviour, did well!

Thank you for bringing so much happiness and joy to so many people.

Dekuji - that's "thank you" in Czech!



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