Bushey Park Picnic

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After our picnic in Bushey Park 21 September 2008

Jilly's JottingsWhen I entered Bushey Park yesterday I saw a doe (a female deer)

and then opened my eyes and looked up to the skies and saw a drop of golden sun. I said to myself - is this the real life, is this just fantasy? Yes, it was the real life! Thank you soooooo much for the tea (a drink with jam and bread) and for helping me and my family celebrate my birthday in such a yippee-o-ee way - it seemed like an impossible dream and I was very sorry when it was time to say goodbye. It would have been perfect if you could have saved the last dance for me - but there wasn't one - so I just had to get into my surrey with the fringe on top (well - rather similar - my Mazda 3!) and drive that high steppin' strutter right past the nosey folks by the Diana Fountain which brought me back to doe!



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