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Music fans in Surrey are being treated in the form of a weekly two-hour radio programme dedicated to choral singing and big band music which presented live on Brooklands Radio by Cliff van Tonder, Musical Director of Elmbridge Choir and founder of local charitable music society, Elmbridge Music. 

‘Sing It! Swing It!' takes to the airwaves every Sunday from 3 - 5pm. Each week the programme will feature a local choir or band and interviews with musical directors, band leaders, singers or players from the Surrey area.

Brooklands Radio can be heard on the internet every day at www.brooklandsradio.co.uk with the best in local news, events and music and is committed to giving local communities a voice and to supporting voluntary organisations. Cliff aims to share his passion for choral and big band music, keeping listeners in tune with the latest happenings including details of upcoming local concerts, workshops and performances.

‘I am incredibly excited about this new venture with Brooklands Radio', explains Cliff. ‘Brooklands Radio's aims of providing an accessible community radio service are completely in harmony with those of Elmbridge Music - we aim to bring music to the community and make it accessible for all - so it is the perfect partnership!'

Cliff would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in appearing on the programme or who would like to have their choir or band featured. He can be contacted by clicking here.


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