We bring the 'Joys of Spring' to Freewheelers

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On 14th May our two choirs once again took to the stage in Holy Trinity Church Claygate for our ‘Joys of Spring’ concert. What an evening that was! From our very own 'Surreyvision Song Contest' to a fantastic finale of singing nuns straight out of Sister Act, and a mesmerising performance from Charlotte Rowling from our chosen charity, ‘Freewheelers Theatre and Media’, we had a blast!

Our two musical directors, Cliff and Dale, and both choirs were on fine form, and although the audience was perhaps a little smaller than our previous concert at the same venue (we had stiff competition in the form of Eurovision!), there is little doubt that those who came enjoyed themselves immensely Following the concert we are delighted to have been able to hand over a very respectable donation to Freewheelers, which, in addition to the donations collected on the night by Freewheelers themselves, amounted to £512.21.

The charity has been very grateful for our help, saying:

‘Many many thanks again for your support of Freewheelers. Without this kind of support we would be unable to continue our valuable work.This is a terrific contribution to our work and we are very grateful both for this and for the opportunity given to Charlotte to sing. It was a lovely evening.'


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