On Cloud 9: Elmbridge Choir celebrates its 9th Birthday on 6th September!

Nine years ago, on a balmy late-summer September evening, Cobham saw the birth of Elmbridge Choir. Drawn by the promise of inclusivity, joyful music making, community and sharing, we came in droves, queuing patiently (well, it is Britain) to get signed in, sit down and start the most amazing journey of personal and community life.

Who knew then, where it would lead? The songs we've sung, the experiences we've had: singing with the world-class Blake, recording a charity single with Andy Abraham, performing with Hywel Choirs, singing in the under-ground salt mine Cathedral, sombre silent witness at Auschwitz, Sky TV recording, flash-mob performances, TV commercial, raising £1000s of pounds for many charitable causes, changing lives, not least their own, and of course, the creation of deep, lasting, precious friendships and memories.

And the best is yet to come, with Bratislava in the diary and plans in hand for 2015. As Elmbridge Choir celebrates 9 glorious years, we would like to offer our deep and heartfelt deep thanks to our dynamic leader and music director, the one-and-only Cliff, for not only starting the choir and for sticking with us, but for sharing his passion with us, giving us so much joy, incredible experiences and lasting friendships. Thank you Cliff, and Happy 9th Birthday Elmbridge Choir!


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