welcome to elmbridge ladies choir - The Choir with a Heart!

Elmbridge Ladies Choir is based in Cobham, Surrey, and comprises members drawn from Elmbridge and the surrounding areas. As part of Surrey Music, our mission is to bring women together from all walks of life who all share the same passion - singing! Membership is open to any adult woman regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, age, race, religious belief, or financial circumstance. 

Joining Elmbridge Ladies Choir  will not only ignite your own life with passion through the joy of singing, but you will also be helping to make a big difference in the community; our goal is to use our combined musical talent to encourage and foster an appreciation and love of music throughout Surrey. Our aim is to provide help and hope for those less fortunate than ourselves. Not only has our society awarded more than £14,000 in grants for music-related projects, we have also raised more than £200,000 for deserving charities through our concerts and performances.

Whether it's the singing of folk songs, modern pop, contemporary or any other form of musical expression, our aim is for our voices to blend together in unison and harmony to produce sounds that will not only bring us individual joy, but delight and inspire those that hear us!

We want to introduce women of all ages and abilities to the skills, techniques and enjoyment of choral singing all whilst having as much fun as possible.

We hope that you will find these web pages interesting and informative. Whether experienced or not, you are always welcome at Elmbridge Ladies Choir. 

We do not audition - so just complete the registration form on our website if you would like to join us and Mary, our Chief Membership Officer will be in touch with you. From time to time we operate a waiting list when we have reached capacity, but we can assure you of a warm and lasting welcome once a space becomes available.

From 0 to 90 in 5 years!

It’s time to wish a very ‘Happy Birthday’ to our fabulous Elmbridge Ladies Choir as they celebrate the fifth anniversary of their first ever rehearsal.

Yes, it really was five years ago that those first intrepid members passed through the doors of Churchfield House, eager and excited at the start of a new adventure. Probably a little nervous and perhaps expecting a stuffy old choirmaster, the ladies were greeted by the youthful and ever-exuberant Cliff who immediately put them at their ease, and had them laughing together and singing in three-part harmony.