From 0 to 90 in 5 years!

It’s time to wish a very ‘Happy Birthday’ to our fabulous Elmbridge Ladies Choir as they celebrate the fifth anniversary of their first ever rehearsal.

Yes, it really was five years ago that those first intrepid members passed through the doors of Churchfield House, eager and excited at the start of a new adventure. Probably a little nervous and perhaps expecting a stuffy old choirmaster, the ladies were greeted by the youthful and ever-exuberant Cliff who immediately put them at their ease, and had them laughing together and singing in three-part harmony.

We wonder how many of them imagined they would still be singing their hearts out with Elmbridge Ladies Choir five years later? In fact, more than half of those who turned up at that first rehearsal are still members today, clearly demonstrating the success of the choir. Remarkably today’s membership stands at an incredible 90 with many more on the waiting list!

Amazingly by July of that first year, the choir was ready for its first performances – on BBC Radio Surrey singing live on air and at the Molesey Regatta with Ramon as Musical Director. It was evident right from these first performances that the ladies had something special; their passion and enjoyment clearly shone - as it still does today!

When Dale bravely took up the baton of Musical Director, the choir continued to grow from strength to strength as girl power well and truly kicked in! Not only has the choir’s musical talent grown, but the ladies have a strong bond, showing loyalty and commitment to each other and to the choir, and they enjoy a huge amount of friendship and fellowship.

We are so proud that Elmbridge Ladies Choir is part of Surrey Music, and are delighted for them as they reach this milestone.

Happy 5th Birthday Elmbridge Ladies Choir! Here’s to the next five fabulous years!


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